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Watch the inspirational videos from the Sustainable Leaders Summit and tap into the opportunites of Sustainable Leadership for building a fair, green and future-fit world of work!


Check out the publications and learning materials by Sustainable Leaders. We cover sustainable leadership development, education and training design,  and policies to advance sustainability.


As the “Sustainable Leadership in Europe” report shows, Sustainability is very important to managers personally. However, less so in their companies and in management practice.

Extremely Important - 14.1%
Very Important - 44.7%
Moderately - 33.2%
Slightly - 6%
Not at All - 2%


In terms of managerial sustainability skills, positive responses are below 40%, highlighting a need for adequate managerial training. The study also indicates that the affiliation to a manager trade union or manager association is linked with higher skill levels, in particular in the area of soft skills. 


    Sustainable Leadership Training

    Sustainable Leaders has piloted a training programme on Sustainable Leadership in the framework of the Sustainable Leadership Project.

    You can find the Sustainable Leaders Training Programme information brochure of the pilot here.

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